Monday, 27 February 2012

Vanity Hair and Glam Affair at the Festival of Sin

Some more indulgences from the Festival of Sin. This time from two of my all time favourite designers. Tabata Jewell of Vanity Hair has released a new hairstyle exclusively available at the festival - Sooner or Later - which comes with a rather fetching colour changing wide brim hat. Aida Ewing of Glam Affair has released a gorgeous new skin, Vanity, which comes in 3 shades, each with 3 makeups and hair base or bald versions - shown here in light.

All only available from the Festival of Sin. Indulge!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

New at Tres Beau - Ava

Something delicious out this week from Tres Beau - Ava is a complete outfit, shiny pants with wide fur trim, corset, fur jacket and hat, shown here in Pink Mink. This is beautifully textured and made, needing minimal adjustments to fit right out of the box, and although you might never imagine that head to toe pale pink could look this fab, it's cute and tres chic. Accessorised with simple pearls from Donna Flora, heels from N-Core and Countdown's sweet sequined clutch, I feel like a movie star!

Style notes:
Suit: Tres Beau - Ava/Pink Mink
Bag: Countdown - LaMamma Clutch/Pink Sequins
Jewellery: Donna Flora - Lumiere
Shoes: N-core Poison/Rose Clair
Hair: Vanity Hair - Chanson d'Amour/Platinum
Nails: Mandala - Option Long Nails/Pale Skin

Monday, 20 February 2012

Festival of sin (part one)

The Festival of Sin has opened bringing us some fab shopping indulgences with a tempting array of fashion, beauty, home interiors, animations and poses with specials from designers, each inspired by one of the seven deadly sins. The adult rated sim is wonderfully detailed with zones also following the themes, making for an amusing shopping experience.

First up on my festival finds is this stunning avant garde creation from Miamai, called Lyssa, it combines a ripped fishnet bodice and tights with an elaborate skirt and collar of flowers, feathers, net, tulle and flexible silver spikes. I'm also wearing one of Amacci's festival offerings - the Pythia hair attachment, which comes in some awesome crazy colours like this Cherry, as well as an extensive range of natural shades.

Here's your limo to the Festival of Sin.

One important thing to be aware of when visiting the festival, is that in order to reduce lag, which we all know is the curse of popular events like this is sure to be, there is a limit on the number of scripts any avatar can be wearing to get into the sim. Anyone with over 50 scripts will not be able to get in.  With resizing and retexturing scripts in so much of what we wear these days (hair, shoes and jewellery being the main offenders) it's very easy to pile up the scripts, all of which place demands on server time and cause a lot of lag, not only for the wearer but everyone else as well. The best way to deal with this is to make copies of your items and then delete the scripts once you have resized and chosen the texture you want. A lot of items include the option to delete scripts in their resize/retexture menus. If you want to check your scripts yourself, there are script counters available to do this. One I found on SL Marketplace is the Coagulate Script Counter - it's free and very easy to use.

Friday, 17 February 2012


I was recently challenged to style a completely white look (which I promise to post soon!), and while I was having fun with that, I found myself wanting to play with some black. I'd spotted the fantastic Sloane leather outfit at Tres Beau, and really wanted to style around the unusual leather bodice/skirt, which, while definitely very modern, has a Roman, gladiatorial feel. 

When I began putting the look together I was working with my usual platinum blonde hair, but it wasn't working, so I tried some blue-black I already had in my inventory from BooN, and hey presto! I'm still very wedded to my blonde hair though, so this isn't likely to be a regular sight.

Style notes:

Top, bodice and skirt: Tres Beau - Sloane
Tights: Izzie's - half stripes outside tights (part of an awesome fatpack of 10 styles)
Boots: TEN"10 - Megas boots/black
Gloves: Glam Affair - B.t.W.
Mask: Gems & Kisses - Behind the Mask - Black (no longer available)
Nails: Miamai - Isis Nails
Eye makeup: Miamai - Vain 03 Makeup
Lashes: Tableau Vivant - Light&Shadows - Kandinsky
Face jewellery: A:S:S deluxe - Dark-brow - female; A:S:S deLuxe eye-piercing - Dark tears
Earrings: Rozoregalia - Gemma
Hair: booN - gathered mid hairbase/blueblack; TUN247 hair/blueblack
Skin: Glam Affair - Linn - Light 03/BL

Thursday, 16 February 2012


The Festival of Sin starts Saturday February 18th. With all sorts of sinful indulgences to lust after including furniture, poses and fashion (of course!) this is one worth getting out of bed for!

More information here! 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

In the pink

I love pink! It's pretty and feminine and lush and lovely - it comes in a myriad of shades from the palest spun sugar to the deepest magenta, it can look soft and sweet, bold and bright, subtle and sophisticated, it's the colour of candy floss, blushes and romance. And, maybe because us girly girls love it so much, it never seems to go out of fashion.

I was feeling decidedly pink when I put this outfit together for All You Need is Love - the Finesmith and Gizza Valentine photo challenge which runs till 28th February. See the entries and rules on Flickr. I'm still trying to decide which of these photos to submit!

Style notes:
Top: GizzA - BonBon Blouse/pink
Skirt: GizzA - Mai Dress/Floral Cerise
Earrings and Bracelet: Finesmith - Chamonix/Vintage
Shoes (not seen) Finesmith - Kick!/Antique Pink
Nails: Finesmith - Nails/Valentine Pink Hearts
Hair: Vanity Hair - Chiffon/Essence

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tres chic!

Tres Beau Designs, in celebration of a New Year and a New Store build, is starting a new, monthly, styling event, Tres Beau Chic.

Find more information and the contest rules at the 

Style notes:
Jacket: Tres Beau - Dana
Blouse: Tres Bea - Chaplin Lace Top
Skirt: Tres Beau - Zhivago/Navy
Gloves: Tres Beau - Dana 
Boots: Maitreya Devi Booties (mesh)
Tights: MOLiCHiNO Glymnee Tights
Earrings: Donna Flora - Willa
Bag: LaGyo - Desperado Bag

Monday, 6 February 2012

Sweet dreams are made of this

Kabuki boutique has been running an open casting for models. Part of the selection process is styling a look based on an inspiration from 1980's music. It's generated some fab responses - you can see the entries at the Flickr group here

My inspiration was Annie Lennox, lead singer of the Eurythmics. She is an incredible vocalist, a genuine diva, and she rocked an androgynous look that made her as much a style icon as a music legend.  See and hear Annie in action here.  There's a lot of interest in androgynous looks in the SecondLife fashion world at the moment - there's even a new magazine dedicated to the style: Androgenius, second issue out now.

I knew exactly how I wanted to style my Annie inspired look - but it took a bit of searching menswear to find the right pieces. I started with a casual tux from Alphamale - the trousers were perfect, but the jacket swamped my avi and I just couldn't shrink it to fit well. I wanted a white shirt and blue tie - I found these at Coco Homme, part of a grey tailored suit, but again, the jacket just didn't work on a female shape. The shirt and jacket collar came as one attachment too, so I had to do quite a lot of modifying to get just the shirt collar and tie to show, and fit. For the jacket, I ended up at Aoharu, where I found a tailored jacket and waistcoat made for women - and the outfit came together at last. I found the hair at MADesigns - it's not the first time I've worn their men's hair, so I knew that would work. I accessorised with high heels, long long nails, and of course, bright red lipstick. The whole point of this style is not to try to look like a man, but to mix the masculine and feminine elements.

Style notes:
Jacket and waistcoat: Aoharu BT TailoredJK set/black
Shirt and tie: COCO Homme TailoredSuit(Gray) - White Shirt
Trousers: Alphamale - Formal pants/Black
Shoes: N-core COQUETTE Spikes/dark blue
Stockings: Izzie's - Stockings blue
Hair: MADesigns HAIR::. ~ TYLER ~ Light Blonde I, LoQ Hairs - Golden Platinum Hairbase

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Some fond farewells this week, as Di's Opera and Osakki both closed their doors.

Di's Opera by Di Hoorenbeck was one of very absolute favourite pose stores - Di has a real talent for wonderfully balanced poses with great lines that work from all angles - wonderful for both runway and photography. Needless to say, when I heard the news I rushed to the store and grabbed as much as I could carry. I'd like to send Di a big thanks for her wonderful work, and wish her all the best for the future.

Osakki, creators of edgy high fashion and avant garde styles, also closed. I've long enjoyed their cool styles with wonderful use of colour, so I took full advantage of their closing sale. This look is my tribute to both Osakki and Di's Opera - gone, but not forgotten!

As old favourites move on, so new ones arrive - and this week I was delighted to discover UrbanLutz, a new hair store by Taylor Wassep. The styles are simple and structured, mainly to work with hair bases, and come (at the moment) only in blonde and black. I like the simplicity and shapes of the styles, that make a bold fashion statement. Good luck Urbanlutz!

Not quite so new, but their latest release - N-core have created a spiked version of their Coquette pumps - and I am in love again!!! I was feeling a bit skint, so I didn't treat myself to the fatpack, but I can see myself building up quite a collection of these!

Style card:

Jumpsuit/corset/pants: Osakki - Realta/Bamboo
Spikes on legs from Osakki - Noxious Leggings
Shoes: N-core Coquette Spikes/Yellow
Socks: N-core Sock "Dark" colorable
Earrings: Osakki - Flat Disk/Gunmetal
Nails: Mstyle - Long Nails/Atomic Citron
Hair: UrbanLutz - Gaga 2/2 /Blonde
Fringe: UrbanLutz - Fringe 1/2 /Blonde
Skin: Glam Affair - Linn Light -Primavera- BL Eyeliner: Miamai XGen Makeup LashNLiner *Charme*
Lipstick: - Glam Affair  - Linn Lips 05
Lashes: KOSH- No Alpha Lashes V5

Pose: Di's Opera - Lean! No3

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


There's something delightful about the word "frock". So much more evocative that the more commonly used "dress", a frock is feminine, frivolous and girly. Something to wear for a special occaision. And maybe just a little bit old fashioned.

This pretty floral from GizzA for Limited Couture, a delicate print, with pretty neck ruffles and a full frilly skirt,  is definitely a frock. To bring a this frock bang up to date, I've styled with big boots and knee socks from Miel, tattoos, a black bra partially on show, and punky spiked hair - new men's hair from MADesigns. I love this look so much I just don't want to take it off! Somehow the clunkiness of the accessories accentuates rather than detracts from the femininity of the frock.

A perfect match for the yellow and red of the frock is the new (and utterly GORGEOUS!) Linn skin from Glam Affair, on sale this week for only 70L$ at The Dressing Room - get there quick, as it will only be in store for 2 weeks!

Style card:

Frock: GizzA - LolliPop Dress/floral for Limited Couture
Boots: Miel -  Far Boots/plaid (colour change)
Socks: Miel - Knee Highs/maroon
Gloves: LaGyo - Zarema gloves/Cornsilk
Bra: Blacklace - Jewel: Black Satin & Sparkles Bra
Tattoos: Artilleri - maggie tattoo
Hair: MADesigns hair - Takeyo/light blonde II (mens hair)
Earrings: LaGyo - Olrich Earrings (colour change)
Skin: Glam Affair - Linn Light Primavera/BL for The Dressing Room
Lashes: Miamai - NoAlpha Lashes no1