Reviews Policy

First and foremost, a big thank you for checking out my blog!  

Simply Bea is very much a personal style diary featuring stuff I like. Many of the items I review on my blog are things I have bought myself, but I do also feature items given to me as review copies by designers.

If I do use them, please understand that I will probably mix and match your items with the work of other designers and use photo editing in Photoshop to create a look I like and feel expresses my personal style and standards. This may change the appearance of your designs.

From January 2014, review copies will be highlighted in the styling credits with a double asterisk. **

Designers are welcome to send me review copies, but I cannot guarantee when, or if, I will review them. I do try to post items in a timely fashion, but sometimes I get really busy, so it isn't always possible. 

My accepting of a review copy from you doesn't commit me to posting to a particular deadline, styling, text, or at all. Please understand that I am delighted to work WITH you, but I don't work FOR you.

Please don't be offended if I don't use your items - they may simply not fit with my personal style, or I may have too many other commitments at any given time to do your work justice. 

Please contact me by notecard inworld or leave me a message on Flickr or Facebook if you would like to discuss the possibility of me reviewing your creations.


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