I am so in love with the Titania headpiece from Miamai's new Blacklabel collection - The Golden Thread. Titania is the fairy queen of Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer Nights Dream. A spell is cast on her that makes her fall in love with a common labourer called Bottom who's head has been turned into that of a donkey. Much comedy ensues from the passion of a queen for a donkey.  There's something wonderfully whimsical about this headpiece, it's certainly a statement piece, but it has a lightness of touch that makes it quite irresistible. There's also a lovely touch on the rear view - check out my third photo to see what I mean :) 

Monica Outlander's Blacklabel collections always contain a host of treasures like this, and I would heartily recommend you check The Golden Thread out for yourself. And don't forget your credit card!

Style notes:
Maimai Titania Headpiece
Remy Lasa Dress
Bax Regency Boots
Amnesia Asiac Necklace
Slouch Poses