Wicca's Spring Flowers Dress

Back in 2011, when I was a little baby model, and had just started going to workshops at The Model's Workshop, I attended a brilliant workshop about blogging by Wicca Merlin, who was already a supermodel and one of the most successful bloggers in Second Life. She inspired me to start this blog, and I will always be grateful to her for her sound advice and guidance on how to do it. Wicca has always been one of the most creative stylists on the grid, so it's wonderful now to see her developing her talents as a fashion designer under her brand name Wicca's Wardrobe, and a real honour for me to be blogging one of her creations.

This is Wicca's Spring Flowers Dress, released as an exclusive at the SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair, that ends today! This pretty dress comes with matching boots, earrings and hair piece, and would be perfect to wear to a spring wedding.  It's available now at Wicca's Wardrobe - click here to grab your taxi!