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Update! See my more recent post "Vital Stats Take 2. One year later." Here.

There's a new fad for sharing digits - that's body shape measurements on the appearance slider bars in SecondLife - thanks to an interesting post by Strawberry Singh at 
Never one to resist a bandwagon I'm jumping right on! 
I've never used a shop bought shape, never having found one that did what I wanted it to. I just tweaked and played around with the slider bars until I was happy. I'm a constant tweaker now, and probably have hundreds of different versions of Bea knocking around in my inventory - these days, I usually tweak to fit different skins - aiming to keep the same facial appearance, but the shape stays pretty much the same. My avatar is on the tall side at 6'6" (in her bare feet).  She used to be shorter and much curvier, but I got really fed up of having to edit literally every clothing prim I got - so I slimmed her down. I'm very pleased with the result - elegant, but still curvy enough to have a little oomph in the booty department! It works with most poses now as well :-)

Looking at the amazing array of shapes and sizes in the flickr group, there really are no hard and fast rules of what makes a great avatar shape - but one things for certain - attempting to reproduce naturalistic proportions isn't essential in virtual worlds, why should it be? In fact, arms proportioned accurately to the real human body tend to look a little apelike in SecondLife for some reason.  Check out the flickr group to see everyone else's digits

In these photos I'm wearing: Mary skin from Glam Affair (pale shade); N-core sandals (free group gift), bikini from Sas-It-Up, hair from Boon and jewellery from Finesmith (who are running an excellent backroom sale at the moment).

There's a little typo in the stats in the photo below - my hands are actually size 10, not 0! I think they could probably be a little larger, but prim nails come in size 10, and I'm far to lazy to have to edit them!

Styling notes: Skin - Glam Affair; shoes - N.Core Sense (group gift); bikini - Sas-it Up; hair - Boon; jewellery: Finesmith


  1. Wow you are just gorgeous! Very tall and model-esque. Thank you so much for playing and for linking to my post. :D <3


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