Cool summer chic from Creations for Parkinson's

It's pretty hot here in London this week (at last we have some sun!) and I felt like dressing in cool white linen! I spent a very pleasant SL afternoon exploring and shopping in the recently opened Creations for Parkinson's sim, that aims to raise money and awareness for the Michael J Fox Foundation (MJFF).

The sim is a permanent location, not a temporary event, and will raise funds for MJFF through a variety of methods, including a 50/50 sales split with designers in the shopping area; live music events; various social activities and donation boxes, which are set up around the sim for visitors to donate to the cause. It's a lovely sim, with plenty to explore, some pretty nooks and crannies to enjoy, and some good shopping, with several boutique style stores to visit.

While I was there I spotted this lovely mesh blouse and skirt from AlaFolie, perfect for my cool summer chic look - they're available in a range of bright colours, as well as black and white, and there's a knee length version of the skirt as well. I'm liking the frills on this blouse - nice work, and taking mesh design a step further in detailing I think! I decided to accessorise with tan and beige toned shoes, shades and jewellery and the fab beige toned wide brim summer hat, rather than going for a completely monochrome look this time, and I'm liking it lots.

Style notes:
Blouse: AlaFolie - MORGANE /Blanc from Creations for Parkinsons
Skirt: AlaFolie - MI COURTE /blanc  from Creations for Parkinsons
Hat: Les petits Details - Summer Breeze Hat /Beige Tones from The Ashraya Project
Shoes: Celoe - Zoe Pumps /domino
Bag: Fleshtone - Lana Leather Tote /White
Sunglasses: Miel - Hipster Peepers /candy gloss
Earrings and ring: Je Suis - Voyante /plain
Hair: Vanity hair - Lady Boy /platinum