I am me...

I am Bea.

My shape is my own. I love playing with those sliders and I've been tweaking since 2009!

My skin is usually from Glam Affair, but I like to try others from time to time.

I'm usually fair skinned, but I am sometimes tanned, or black, or grey, or blue, or gold...

My eyes are from IKON. They're almost always blue.

I'm usually blonde. Platinum blonde. But sometimes I dye my hair black, red, pink, orange....whatever suits my mood or the occasion.

I wear my hair long and short, braided and wild, updo and mohican, curly and straight.

I am a style chameleon. I love to dress up. And dress down. Fierce. Cute. Haute. Hot. I love it all.
I love to experiment.

You can copy all or some of me. That's fine by me. I take it as a compliment.

But you can't be me.
I am the only Bea.

There's been a lot of griefing and harassment going on in the Second Life fashion world recently, with one of the tactics being copybotting prominent models and selling or giving away their shapes. It's been sad to witness this behaviour, and also some of the reactions it has engendered. Cyber bullies, trolls and greifers want a reaction. They want to know their tactics hurt. I have always believed they are best ignored. Keep focussed on the positive, don't let the bullies drag you down, and make the mute button your friend!

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