Made in the UK

You may not have noticed, but I'm a Londoner born, bred, and proud! I hope it's not just mindless patriotism (like all Brits, I find there's plenty to moan about living in the UK) but I've always felt incredibly privileged to live here - we have freedoms and choices and a standard of living denied to so many on this planet. We have some cool fashion too!

Apparently there's a big craze for the Union Jack in Cuba at the moment! It seems to have been inspired by the Olympics, and the UK flag motif is everywhere you look in Havana these days - including fingernails and shaved onto heads! AND a British model won the last season of America's Next Top Model - aptly named The Brit Invasion! So, one proud Brit here! I'm always on the look out for clothes and accessories with the Union Jack on them - and I finally found a couple of pieces I really like recently. I went with a punk feel for this look cos...well, we invented punk here, didn't you know?

Scroll down for the style notes!

Style notes:
Vest: Miel - Punk Racerback /UK *new*
(comes in lots of different flag designs so you can probably get your own flag)
Jeans: Maitreya - Zipper Skinny Jeans /Dirty
Sandals: Celoe - Amae /Cloud *new*
Gloves: Belgravia - Jessamine Gloves /Bark Leather (recoloured in photoshop in second pic)
Purse: Fanatik - My Bad Girl Purse /Union Jack
Shades: Elate! - Olivia Glasses /Ivory (recoloured)
Earrings: Amorous - Gyroscope (subscriber gift) *new*
Necklaces: MG - Peace Rocker
Bangles: MG - Ramona 77
Poses: Di's Opera (there's a sale on fatpacks NOW)