City chic


This fab sweater with fur embellished shoulders and leather sleeves is the latest release from .Shi for the Euphoria Limited Bazaar. It went on sale on Monday, a late arrival to the collection, and it sold out today!   So sorry I was late with this post! But, the good news is, I think it's going to be released in some other colours at the main store soon! 

The top seemed perfect to wear with my cute new beret from B&W Hats, Ayrton Radikal's new label. It's knitted, and comes in with and without hair options, plus an easy resize menu to get a really good fit. Nice work Ayrton! 
Style notes:
Top: .Shi
Shorts: Celoe
Boots: Baiastice
Scarf: Tee*fy
Hair: Epoque
Hands: Slink