Drag Queens - SL Top Model Contest Week 4 Challenge

Frolic mail arrives! Our challenge this week:


The other day I was invited to see the MISS WIGSTOCK drag queen competition and even though I loved some of their performances, I thought most of the outfits were a bit uninspired and really just over-the-top tacky/newbie-ish. 

Let's show them how it's done!

If you are a boy - well then you get to be a real drag queen! But if you a female, I still want you to look like a female model, but dressed inspired by a drag queen. 

Flamboyant, Glamorous, Over-the-top, Exaggerated and Fabulous are good words to describe how your look should be.

Have fun and make sure you illuminate the runway when you come out! 

Kisses, glitter and feathers!

Mr. Mills

And here's what I did!

I have great pleasure in presenting to you Mizz BB Galore - Beatrice Serendipity's Faux Drag Queen persona! 

(Both B's stand for BEAUTY)    :)

BB just LOVES pink! She cant get enough of it! So here she is dressed from head to toe in a delicious pink glittery ensemble inspired by her icon, the divine Miss Marilyn Monroe.

She's gone for BIG hair from Ali&Ali - the bigger and blonder the better! 

She's wearing a pink plastic crown from Tee*fy, because, well, she's a QUEEN!

BB's gone to town with the makeup this week, with pink eyebrows, striking blue eye makeup from Elegant Epiphany, huge lashes from KOSH and the gorgeous Crystalline Eyeliner from BlackLiquid.

She's added a beauty spot, and her lips are super shiny Plastic Pink Gloss, also from BlackLiquid.

We all know diamonds are a girls best friend, so BB is wearing dazzling jewels from Chop Zuey.

The pink glitter off-shoulder gown she textured herself from a Meli Imako template - so it's a BB original!  The skirts are from a gown from Boudoir, recoloured, and the long gloves from 5th & Oxford are modified to make them fingerless and recoloured too. 

BB is wearing shiny pink nails from Synthetique, and a big pink diamond ring from Lagyo. On her wrists are chunky pink plastic bangles called "Hoopity Hoops of Love" (recoloured) from Ticky Tacky - if you zoom in close you can see they're adored with dozens of tiny rhinestone hearts - feel the lurve!

I hope you can see how much fun I had styling this look :D

Getting through to the next round in the contest was a lovely rezzday gift for me (4 years in SL OMG!) and I got some lovely gifts and messages - the best has to be this fabulous 1957 Pink Chevy Belair that Cold Jupiter sent me! Now I really feel like a Barbie girl in my Barbie world! Thank you so much Cold! Oh, and if there's anyone out there who'd like to teach me to drive.....give me a call!

1957 Chevy Belair by Cold Media