Never a bad hair day...

One of the things I love about SL is that there are no bad hair days. You can change your hair at the, well, erm, drop of a hat!  From pixie crops to Rapunzel worthy flowing tresses, fierce mohicans to romantic updos, you can change in an instant as your mood and look demand.

But I still get a particular thrill when I find hairstyles that resemble my real-life hair. So I was super excited when Tabata Jewell of Vanity Hair released Emo a couple of weeks back (wow, can you just tell I got kinda busy these past few weeks!). This is basically the style my real-life hair aspires to - same length, pretty much the same colour too. I say "aspires to" because of course, in real - life I get days where it just won't sit right, or when it rains and it all goes a little frizzy, I'm sure you know the score here! So, a big thank you Tabata for making the hair that reminds me how my real hair should look!

Emo is available from Vanity Hair.