Ghee for Seasons of Couture

Season's of Couture is a new store, brought to you by BOSL & Co. featuring designs inspired by real life seasonal fashion trends from over 26 of Second Life's most celebrated designers.

You can buy fresh items inspired by each season at 30% off the retail price at the Seasons of Couture Boutique. Each item is limited to 100 copies, after these are sold, the designs will be available at the designers main stores at full price.

For my first post from Seasons of Couture, I'm wearing the stunning Geometric gown from Warm Clarity of ~ghee~. Pulling together some of this seasons key trends - geometric patterns, monochrome palettes and sheer fabrics, this is a both stylish and versatile. It comes with hood up and hood down options, and can be worn as a sexy romper suit without the sheer flexi skirts. And you really need to see this inworld, because the texture shimmers as you move. Just lovely!

You can find Geometic by ~ghee~ exclusively at the Seasons of Couture Boutique. But hurry - it's limited to 100 copies at a 30% discount!