It's been an age since I posted - looking back over my blogs archives, I've not had this long between posts ever! And I've missed it. It's been a combination of a very busy period in real life (which will continue for a few more days) and all sorts of projects going on in the limited time I have had for SL.  It's all good stuff, and I've been enjoying myself, but I must confess I'm looking forward to getting a little more time to catch up on blogging soon. So I owe my sponsors, and my readers an apology, and a promise that normal service will be resumed just as soon as possible.

What's even worse, is that I've been so busy I missed 2 really important milestones in my blog. Firstly, my blog passed it's second birthday! I can't believe how fast it went - I'd really intended to mark that milestone with some sort of retrospective and some reflections about blogging and my journey as a blogger, but I guess that will have to wait for later now. And secondly, I passed 100,000 page views! It is still a big thrill fro me to see the stats and that people from across the globe have dropped by here, so a big, big THANK YOU for dropping by and spending a little time with me :)

For now, I thought I'd grab a quick moment to show you some really cool new(ish) stuff from Shaleene Kenin of Pure Poison - the Brina dress in leather, Krysten Collar, and Pety Unisex Bracelets. I love how this fetishy leather look works with the wonderful, dramatic, Diavolo hair from Tabata Jewell of Vanity Hair.

I'm off to play medieval re-enactment games in real life for a few days now (it's a holiday weekend here in the UK), so have a wonderful weekend, and I hope I'll see you again next week!