Zerbinetta - the MVW Opera Challenge

The Challenge:

Here you go girls! These are the DIVA Roles to be interpreted for the Opera Challenge. This list was made by Belle Rousell (Who is a RL Opera Singer) even before the final list of official misses came out. So all numbers are totally random! 

You may research your character as much as you want and do a free interpretation of your character as you see fit, but you must look like a gorgeous DIVA! 

Good luck and let's have the most DIVAish show ever! 

Frolic Mills 

My allocated character was Zerbinetta from the opera Ariadne auf Naxos by Richard Strauss, a comedic opera that explores the competition between high and low art for the public's attention. Zerbinetta is a comedienne from a burlesque troupe, a colourful, light hearted character, she sings of the perfidy of men and the futility of succumbing to them - she believes smart women should move on without regret and enjoy new loves rather than pining for those who betrayed them.

I wanted to create something that reflected the comedic, theatrical, nature of Zerbinetta, while still having the feeling of a classical opera costume - a beautiful clown maybe. So here she is - the harlequin suit, ruff collar and mask suggestive of the comedia dell arte, the music score corset showing she is a singer, and the decorations of roses, daisies, butterflies and lovehearts showing her flirtatiousness and humour. I really had fun with this styling, and I think it shows in the result :)

You can watch the video from this challenge here!

Scroll down for my style notes.

Style Notes:
Bodysuit: House of Fox - My Fun Suit
Collar: Pipins Edwidge Collarette 
Skirts: from Ladies Who Lunch - Bordello Gown (modified and recoloured)
Corset: Living Imagination - Song of Tears
Roses on skirts: from Boudoir - He Loves Me He Loves Me Not burlesque outfit
Boots: blackLquid - Heartist
Hair: Boudoir - Fairy Hair
Headdress: Glam Affair - Seasons Queen
Mask: Izzie's - Lace Mask Black
Cuffs: Tres Beau - part of Chaplin Suit
Lips: blackLiquid - Blood Loveheart Gloss
Ring: AUX - Melt My Heart
Nails appliers: blackLiquid