I've always been scared of spiders. I think I inherited it from my Dad, he couldn't stand them either. As I've grown older, I've learned to cope with them in my proximity outdoors - after all, who am I to say they have no right to be in my garden? But indoors, it's a different story.

I can't sleep if I know there's a spider in the room. I just know the minute I do, it's going to crawl right into my mouth! This irrational fear (I mean, what self respecting creepy crawly would willingly go to its' death via my mouth if it has a whole house to play in?) wasn't helped when a friend took glee in telling me the urban myth that we all swallow and average of 15 spiders in our lifetime! I felt sick for days. In fact, my stomach churns just a little bit even typing this. But, my fellow arachnophobes, before you panic, IT'S NOT TRUE.

Now, if I lived somewhere where there really are big scary spiders that could seriously hurt me, my fears would be justifiable. But I live in the UK where 99.9% of spiders are totally harmless. Although apparently we do now have a poisonous spider in the UK! So maybe my dad was right all along....

Given how common fear of spiders is, it's no surprise that SL fashion designers use them in a variety of ways in their Halloween creations. And of course, in the virtual world, I have no fear of them. So I thought I'd show you some of the spidery inspired pieces I've come across this year for Halloween.

Scroll down for style notes and SURLs.

Style notes:
Dress: ~ghee~ - Ruby Webbing Gown with spider web 
embellishments from Black Widow Gown *new*
Headdress: Pure Poison - Arachne *new*
Earrings and necklace: Pure Poison - Arachnide set *new*
Rings: blackLiquid - Prick - for Lybra Halloween Fair *new*
Makeup - Nuuna - Zion 2 Tattoo worn under Ku-My Tattoo *new*  
(Ku-My available at the Cosmetics Fair)
Lipstick - blackLiquid - Vixen Gloss