Say NO to Violence Against Women

Today (25th November) is United Nations Day to End Violence Against Women.

I have been working on a project with the Miss Virtual World candidates to raise awareness and call for support for this vital global campaign - SL Say No.

I want to use my blog today to explain why I feel so passionate about the issue of violence against women.

It's really quite simple. I am a woman. Even if we are not direct victims ourselves, violence affects us all. It affects us when our friends, sisters, mothers and daughters suffer. It affects us when we feel unsafe on the street or when using public transport. It affects us when we decide what we can and can't do based (at least partly) on how safe we feel. It affects us when our taxes are spent on medical care for the victims, police call outs, trials, rehousing and child protection as a result of violence. And with 70% of women worldwide experiencing physical or sexual violence at some point in our lives, this touches all of us.

Since staring the SL Say No campaign on Facebook, many women have contacted me to share how they have been touched by violence. Some are in Second Life as an escape from the harsh realities of their real lives. Many are survivors of the most terrible violence and abuse. I am glad if this little campaign has sent a message that there are many of us who care, who will not judge or blame the victims, and who will take some time to show their support.

I ask you today to show your support too. Visit our Facebook page, and like it. Watch the video and share it. Change your Facebook profile picture to the SL Say No logo for the day. Share the message with your friends. You can make a difference. Say No to Violence Against Women today.