One Billion Rising 14th February - event schedule

One Billion Rising T-Shirt and Jacket donated by Liv-Glam, Teddy Bear donated by Sways. Both will be available, along with other gifts, at the OBR event.

One Billion Rising for Justice in Second Life will be held ALL DAY FRIDAY 14th FEBRUARY

For 24 hours, starting at midnight Pacific Standard Time, Second Life residents will join with activists around the world in a spectacular 24-hour event for ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE, a very special day of action in the history of V-Day, the global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.

The Second Life event will feature a four-region stage where 200 people can dance together, surrounded by an area of art installations, poetry events and informational exhibits. There is an incredible array of music, poetry and art to experience. Here's what's happening:

The meaning of music can be expressed in many ways - vocal, instrumental or both, combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

OBR has gathered an amazing group live musicians, DJ’s and dance performers from around the world who have given their time and energy to use the beauty of music as a way to show support our 24-hour spectacular global event to STOP violence against women and girls.   The sounds of pop, jazz, blues, soul, house, funk, top 40 along with favorites from way back will fill the air of the OBR Sims.

You will be able to access the OBR stage from the landing points on all four sims. And when you land - you won’t miss it!

The schedule:
12:00 am: DJ Alexi Ayres
1:00 am:   DJ A.F.I “Aubry Fisher”
2:00 am:   TBA
3:00 am:   DJ Laurence Mapp
4:00 am:   DJ David Abbot
5:00 am:   DJane Marin Aquila
6:00 am:   DJ CoolB(DJ CoolB Resident
7:00 am:   TBA
8:00 am:   DJ Supertom Southmoor
9:00 am:   DJ Funkydeps
10:00 am: DJ Victor1st Mornington
11:00 am:  Live Performer- Trowzer Boa
12:00 pm: Live Performer - Terry Lynn Melody
1:00 pm:   DJane Victoria Grau (DJ Love)
2:00 pm:   DJ Vaughan Quan (DJ V-Waxx)
3:00 pm:   DJ Elrik Merlin
4:00 pm:   Live Performer- Lyrica Acquatic
5:00 pm:   Live Performer-  Rara Destiny
6:00 pm:   DAZZLERS Dance Performance
7:00 pm:   DJ Titoso Fride
8:00 pm:    DJ  Thlemaxos Rewell
9:00 pm:   Live Performer: Stephanniyah Sinatra
10:00 pm: TBA
11:00 pm: Live Performer-  Samm Qendra

Music stream provided by Jan Juergens of Lusch Audio.

The creation of art is based upon some spark of inspiration. We have gathered together some of Second Life’s amazing artists and asked them to create with the inspiration of Justice, Rise, Dance, Release. All these words relate to the idea that together we can help stop violence against women.

The works you will see range from 2D to 3D. Some depict ways women are being abused and others depict the celebration of rising above it all. You can feel the artists' moods as they created these amazing works of art. See how they will inspire you.

You will find these installations on all four sims. There are individual installations, a sculpture garden and a picture gallery.

The sims will be open for an extra twenty-four hours to allow you to explore.

OBR - Justice 
Kicca Igaly
Solkide Auer
Finn Lanzius & Fantasi Rhode
Giovanna Cerise

OBR - Rise 
Takni & Raskolnikow Roffo
Aloisio Congrejo
Betty Tureaud

OBR - Dance 
Bowie Zeplin
Fuschia Nightfire
Mikati Slade

OBR - Release 
3D Sculpture garden
Katz Jupiter
Krystali Rabeni
Tyrehl Byk

Second Life poets will be reading their own poems, and there will be an open mic session at the end where poets can read their own work, and poetry fans can share favourite poems. There will be two sessions of poetry - one at 8.00am and on at 3pm.

Poets who would like to read should contact Jilly Kidd, specifying which time (8,00am or 3pm) they would like to read - or they can take a turn at the open mic. It is expected that poets will read one poem each.

The poetry events will be held in the Sculpture Garden on OBR Release.