Model's Workshop Styling Challenge - Sci-fi

I put this look together for the Model's Workshop Sci-fi Styling Challenge and I won!

What a great theme! really got my imagination going! I've called this look "Borgarella" - the fantastic shiny pink assymetric bodysuit from Muhi reminiscent of Jane Fonda's iconic Barbarella from the seventies - a sexy space kitten that I brought up to date with cyborg accessories.

To assimilate my Barbarella I used a laser eye from Neurolabs and edited a cyborg headpice from Linden inventory and I added the laser beam to complete the headset. I found the cute pink popgun in a huge weapons store and added some glow. The boots are also from Neurolabs (definately worth checking out).

My jewellery is from Rozoregalia - fantastic detail and suggestive of armour. The nails are from Studio Nails, hair from Vanity and the skin from Glam Affair for The Dressing Room.

And after the contest - well, I had to go on a space exploration at Inspire Space Park - a wonderful place where you can float through space or do T'ai Chi amongst the stars!

Inspire Space Park