Faster Pussycat!

I had so much fun styling with Faster Pussycat for a challenge this afternoon, and then I went and got the time wrong and missed it! Still, I had a wonderful afternoon spit-roasting a chicken on an open fire in the garden, indulging in a glass or two of Pimms, and enjoying the company of my partner on a lovely sunny summer day. And I got a cute pic of the outfit anyway, so c'est la vie!

I've gone for a touch of the super-vixen here with sky high strapped white leather boots, lime green tutu, booty shorts and halter bandeau top, all from Faster Pussycat. You may have noticed I have a bit of a thing for big hair - and for the wildest, poofiest, most extravagant gravity defying tresses I would always go to 3636. This is Gigi in platinum, just wild! The super-cute multi-colour nails are from Mstyle.