Caught on camera! Heartsdale models

Nino Heartsdale, of House of Heartsdale fame (she who brought us the One in a Million Designer Challenge and Burlesque) has recently taken up the challenge of learning SecondLife machinima...and she's been using her pool of models as guinea pigs. I finally made it into the fourth of Nino's House of Heartsdale Models Portfolio films, each of which features 3 of the agency's models. I'm honoured to be sharing the runway with two beautiful models - Gamp Lane and Algezeras Magic. I think it's gorgeous! I hope you enjoy watching :D


  1. Nino Heartsdale22 March 2012 at 15:41

    you look amazing Bea!

    1. Thank you Nino! I love your film, it's gorgeous! Thank you for making us look fab!

  2. Bea is right, Nino's art makes us fab!!



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