So, me and my good friend, model Mezzo Silverweb, were doing a bit of leisurely Saturday shopping when we got a gift from a group we're both in - MOCK cosmetics.  Now, if you're not already in Mock's group, you really should join. For a small fee you receive bundles of goodies on a regular basis. Mocksoup is VERY generous to her group members - well worth using a group slot for!

We check out the skins, and the first we try is called Kinyotta. Mezzo and I are usually white, but this skin looked pretty good, and with a bit of shape tweaking, we decided to do a little shoot to show off our radically new looks. One of the best things about Second Life is the ability to transform your avatar into anything you can imagine, and it's so refreshing to be able to literally step into another skin and see that transformation before your eyes!

I'd recently been sent a lot of review copies of cosmetics and hair from Xi Zane of LUSH, and I'd been dying to try them out - so this seemed the perfect opportunity to do just that. With their vibrant colours and tribal themes, LUSH cosmetics are fantastic for dark skins - though the lipsticks and lashes look great with my usual pale too. LUSH is a pretty new label, but Xi is fast establishing herself as a serious talent with unique and sassy makeup and accessories that are a treasure for any stylista.

Style notes:
Mezzo and Bea both wear Kinyotta skin - group gift from MOCK Cosmetics

Bea wears:
Lush Cosmetics: Crayon Lip /pink
Lush Cosmetics: Tribal Face Paint /Wise Thoughts
Hair: Lush Cosmetics: Coco's Puff w/sticks and stones tiara and Lush Cosmetics: Good Times Puff