Gone sailing!

It's the last days of summer, here we can already feel a chill in the air. And this weekend, I'm going sailing in real life to make the most of what's left of the sunshine.

I thought I'd post this photo taken when me and my SL sister Kellis donned our favorite bikinis and took her luxury yacht out on a pretty boating sim a couple of weeks back when we were having a heatwave! We'd been out shopping for swimwear, and found some nice mesh bikinis from two new stores. The bikinis are both from the same template -  a very nicely fitting rigged mesh, and with no need for alpha layers (yay!). Kellis went for a vibrant plain colour from Lola Creations, while I opted for some cool retro feeling stripes from Whatever.

Have a great weekend folks! And enjoy what's left of the summer :)

Style notes:

Kellis (right) wears:
Bikini: Bikini violett by Lola Creations
Shoes: Doux High Pumps Black by DADAbeiz

Bea (left) wears:
Bikini: Stripes Bikini by Whatever
Shoes: Aelia Wedges in Pinenut by Celoe


  1. Ahha, spot the technical error!

    Sun behind the photographer, yet sun flair from behind the models!


    Nice shot anyway.

    1. Ahha! But surely one of the delights of SL is we create our own reality? :P
      Actually, I added the flare to disguise the badly rezzed trees, I figured there could have been something reflective over there causing the flare, maybe!


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