NYU Trenchcoat @ FaMESHed

NyuNyu's latest release is this winter trenchcoat for October's FaMESHed. An original mesh design, the trenchcoat comes in leather and wool textures in a great range of colours. I've always had a bit of a thing about white trenchcoats, so I had to go for the snow wool. Gorgeous.

Style notes: 
Coat: NyuNyu - Winter Trenchcoat /Snow Wool (@FaMESHed)
Bag: NyuNyu - Neutral Leather Briefcase /Light Blue 
Boots: Maitreya - Mesh Jazz Boots /Snow
Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Nagi Hair (upstyle03) /Platinum
Gloves: Celoe - Mery Gloves /mine
Earrings: Je Suis - Voyante Plain Ear Clips