It's aways wonderful to discover new (to you) designers, and even better when they are your friends! The very lovely Warm Clarity, owner and designer of Ghee, has been trying her hand at SL clothing design for just a year, and she feels rightly proud of her most recent creation - the Elemental Gown.  I teamed up with my sister Kellis Denimore to show you these gorgeous gowns.

Combining translucent mesh, flexi and traditional clothing layers, the Elemental Gown is even more stunning inworld because the mesh and flexi textures are animated, so it glistens and glitters, with a life of it's own. A stunning gown for making an entrance and to ensure every eye is on you on the dancefloor. The gown comes in four colours, named after the four elements - earth, air, fire and water, and each is lovely. Go for your astrological element - as a Scorpio mine is water, or treat yourself to all 4! Get down to Ghee now - here's your taxi. This one is a joy to wear!


  1. Love this Blog and love the dresses !!


  2. Those are lovely gowns, Bea! Fantastic styling, too :)


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