Boobies! the naked truth...

Fake boobs have been around forever in SL, but they've never really caught on the way that the new Lolas! Tangos implants have. Suddenly half of my friends are chatting about their new boobies, which makes for some bizarre sounding conversations "I was just playing with my boobies when...." Given they're such a hot topic at the moment, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts about them.

Lolas! Tangos by Sandy Moonites are mesh implants that come with a menu to select skin tones, nipple shapes, piercings, skin tone blender tattoo layers, some simple garments,  and the clothing layers needed to complete them. You add clothing to your implants using an "applier", and cleverly, a developer pack is included with each purchase, so clothing and skin designers can make their own appliers. There's already a growing range of skins and clothing that is made to fit these boobies perfectly. 

You may have noticed that my usual model avatar shape is pretty flat chested, although I do use cleavage enhancers often to give me that "push up bra" look. I have been bustier in the past, but I've never been that impressed with the shape of the standard avatar breasts. The Tangos are a much better shape, a gorgeous texture, and have pretty, perky nipples. They're uber sexy, and wonderful for nude photography! 

The Tangos are easy to fit - they're resizable by menu, and the range of skin tone options is good.  Anyone who can use skin tone HUDs for shoes should have no problem with the Tangos. Several skin designers, including my own favorite, Glam Affair, have released skin appliers to get a perfect match too. The shape is ingenious, with the implants extending up to the collarbone, so it's quite easy to position them to fit - if you reduce the size (as I have), you may get some seams at the sides, but these follow the contour of the breast, so they aren't a huge problem. 

One downside of the Tangos is the cost - 1750 L$ puts them beyond the range of a casual purchase for most people. As is real life, good quality breast implants in SL are an investment! But, given that these are a once only purchase (you won't be going back for another pair any time soon), and compared to the price of a decent pixel penis, the cost isn't too high for the sheer fun of wearing them. 

Another downside is there are no demos available to try before you buy. I'm guessing this is to reduce the likelihood of copybotting. But you can see them worn by a huge variety of avatars on the Flickr group here, and when I went to the store, there were quite a few people wearing them there too, so you can see them "in the flesh" so to speak :).

A potential downside, for the wobbly boobies fans amongst us, is that avatar physics don't work on them. All is not lost, however, as there is a Boob Bounce script available for only 25L$ at Que Bella! that gives the boobies a subtle little wobble when you walk - a nice touch! 

Dressing with the implants is a little different too - mesh standard sizing won't come near these melons! So it's back to system layers plus appliers if you ever want to get dressed with your implants on. But there is clothing available, from the predictably slutty to the more sophisticated. I'll be doing a second blog post on dressing your Lolas very soon.

I won't be wearing my implants all the time, but when I want a fun, sexy look, and for some kinds of  modeling and photography (styling burlesque, lingerie and swimwear, for example) I'll be getting them on for sure! If only real life had an option for instant and painless breast enlargement and reduction! 

I'd love to hear people's thoughts on the Lolas - have you got some? How are you getting on with them? Have you found any really great designers selling clothing with appliers? I NEED to know!

Important links!
Lolas! Mainstore - for your Tangos implants
Que Bella!  for the Boob Bounce script


  1. Thanks for the useful post! You look gorgeous!

  2. I own a pair of Lola Tangos and never used to be into the old prim breasts however I have found since wearing these mesh ones I never want to take them off. As you mentioned in your post more designers are jumping on board with this making the option for clothing more accessible and even better top skin makers are adding the appliers which is awesome. Come people follow the booby train!

    1. Thanks Leisha - glad to hear you're enjoying your boobies :) Can you share some of the designers you've found that are offering appliers? We need to know!

  3. i think this is only good for those av who wnats to have naked pics done.
    First of all, im more into the high end fashion model look, 2nd , i never see BIG boobs Models walking in the real life fashion show which can carry the a-grade designer's fashion in a high fashion way..
    to me , i think this is only for playboy mate look. or for whore look.. and there are no good clothes to match with . also, this size is too big and not realistic. and it looks very breats implant look .... not pretty in high fashion which will deform the texture of the decent clothes..

    it just look like a street whore to wear this kind of thing.. and frankly . inever find anyone who can carry this breast in good fashion in SL and looks decent and fashionable.. it just look CHEAP !

    so i m not into this kind of breast.

    1. I agree you wouldn't see boobs like this in any real life fashion show, and I doubt you will in SL either - they make the body proportions all wrong. But it's not true that there are no clothes you can wear with them, I'm working on a post at the moment to show some styling wearing the boobies, and more and more designers are producing appliers. For me, the wonderful thing about SL is it isn't and "either or" choice - you can take the boobies off just as quick as you can change your shoes - it's just another look to play with!

  4. Hello, first of all, thank you for this post, I've learned a lot about my new boobs :) I was desperately looking for something similar to the efect given by the physics, and here I got my answer! At last!!!
    I only have one problem, I've been looking for the script you mention in the post at Que Bella! But... I couldn't find it, could you tell me the whole name of the item? maybe doing a closer search I find it in the store ^^
    Thank you in advance!
    Have a nice day!!!

    1. Hi Marta
      Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. The full name of the boob bounce script is !Q.B! Implant Bounce Script - the creators name is issybella quintessa - she may be able to help you locate the script in her store. From memory (though it's a while back and it may have been moved) I found the script upstairs at the Que Bella! store. Good luck with your search! I hope you have slightly jiggly boobies soon!

    2. Yaaay!! Thank you! I found it with no effort!
      Thank you again for this post ^^
      have a nice day!!!

    3. The MILK store used to have a free bounce when walking script located on a table on the bottom level. It is no copy but 0L, so one could take more than one if they end up making copies of their tangos.


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