Avenue RIVAL - Avant Garde Fetishist

The second challenge for stage 2 of the Avenue RIVAL casting, was something altogether different - Avant Garde Fetishist. Here's what Avenue had to say about this theme:

"Taboo season is out, so it is time to crack the whips and get styling... literally. You need a pinch of bold, a dash of daring and be generous on the severe. Yes, we want you to style in your best avant-garde with a fetish inspiration. What does this mean? Pick edgy, structured, clean, severe, architectural lines. Make your choice of leather, pvc, latex, vinyl, lace show us who you are... underneath. 
What do we expect to see? 
- architectural
- structured
- fetish 
- avant-garde
... all combined into one."

If you're familiar with my work, you'll probably know I have a fondness for corsetry, burlesque and risque looks...so this one came quite naturally to me, and although it's a very elaborate look, it actually took much less time than the Alexander Wang inspiration.

I knew I wanted to start with a corset, and I'd spotted this one used in a photo on Flickr not so long ago so it wasn't hard to track it down on Marketplace. The corset gives the exaggerated waistline I was after for this look - the architecture of the body is taken to extremes in all directions - making my avatar into almost a caricature of the female form. I opted for black latex for most of the pieces, and then decided to add a nod in the direction of Venus in Furs with the elaborate fur and jewelled black roses, combined with fur shoulder pads, that cascade from the head down over one breast to create a focal point around the head and shoulders. I left the other breast bare - a tempting hint of vulnerability in this otherwise severe look. 

Style notes:
Hat: Mea Culpa
Earring: Gems & Kisses (now closed)
Mask, neck and breast embellishments: Rozoregalia
Half mask (covering mouth and throat):{MV}
Fur shoulder pads: Color Me H.O.F.
Skirt: Chrysalis
Panties: Glam Affair
Gloves: Miamai
Boots: Jamie Earst


  1. You were absolutely fabulous. The whole thing was wonderful but you were just fierce...well done Bea. <3<3

    1. Thank you so much XuiLan, that's so good to hear! I LOVED doing this styling :)


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