OK, so this is the 21st century, and us girls don't want to play fairytale princess all the time...sometimes we want to hop right off that pedestal and get down and dirty with the boys (or girls, or both!). So if you're looking to trash those roses, turn up the heat and be a bad girl this V-Day - it's time to go all out sexy!

I braved the first day lag at the new cycle of Collabor88 (C88) today, and I'm so glad I did! I found this sizzling leather jacket and shorts from r2 A/D/E. Very well constructed rigged mesh - I can wear these without alphas, which I love - no nasty holes when you dance or sit. And even better, they only cost 88l$ apiece, which makes them an awesome bargain too!

Have fun being a bad girl!

Style notes:
Jacket and shorts: r2 A/D/E for C88
Boots: r2 A/D/E 
Shades: ChicZafari
Ring & Earrings: Swallow
Necklace: MG for C88
Gloves: Leezu
Clutch: BeloD
Hair: Lelutka