In the pink at Fashion For Life

Fashion For Life 2013 is open and going with a swing! The last I saw, over 2,000,000 L$ have been raised already for The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life! If you haven't been there yet, GO! The builds are incredible - I especially love Eshi Otawara's entertainment sim, one of the most beautiful builds I've seen in Second Life. I really enjoyed climbing The Colossus of Rhodes too, which has dozens of stores inside a HUGE statue. You can climb all the way to the top and pause on the Colossus' fingertips to survey the view over all the sims - just be careful not to fall off (like I did)!

More of the fabulous fashion exclusives you'l find at Fashion For Life.

I fell in love with this pretty pink gown "Viva Fleur" from Miss Darcy, so feminine. And this delicate jewellery set from Lazuri is just beautiful - it has colour change options for all the stones and the metal too, so a very useful set for your wardrobe.

There are some fantastic poses on sale at FFL too - these are from IsoMotion and PoseSion - well worth checking out. And models MUST take a look at Isomotion's limited edition "Walk Like a Star" set - with some really unique high fashion walks for the runway (or for your everyday AO if you want to show off!). Enjoy!


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