SL Top Model The Final! Part 2 - Haute Couture

So, casual chic look was time for some Haute Couture! Here's what we were asked to do:


SL TOP MODEL COMES TO AN END ... Congratulations for making it this far!

I am requesting two different styles for the finale:

2) For your final walk down the runway I want you to inspire yourself on SPRING 2013 HAUTE COUTURE. Take a look at these.

Choose something that has wow potential, give it your twist, but look like you belong in your own collection for a spring 2013 show. Study the trends, the colors, the hair designs, the make up and come up with your own beautiful style! I don't want copies, I want to see an artist on  this runway!

Have fun,
Mr. Mills

I have to admit I was both excited and a bit scared about this one - I knew I had to really pull something great out of the bag. I spent a good while scrolling through slideshows, absorbing the different collections, and deciding which looks I really liked. The themes I particularly noticed for this Spring/Summer were black and white palettes, nature references - especially birds and flowers, sheer fabrics, and romanticism. I loved the Chanel collection, and decided to style a look you might see on the Chanel runway.

My starting point for the outfit was the Angel Gown from Ladies Who Lunch, a feather gown, with big skirts, a corset and shrug all made out of feathers. I decided to use the skirt and shrug - the corset looked bulky on me, and was too much. Only problem - the skirt, which comes in 3 parts, is huge and pouffy, and stops at calf length. I wanted a more slender silhouette, so I decide to lose the centre section, and pull the 2 sides in so they overlapped. Then I adjusted LOTS of prims, to make the skirt almost sweep the floor at the back and raise the front to above the knee. I'm sure you can imagine, this took a LONG time, but I think the end result is worth it!

Once I had the look together, I found myself having all sorts of crises of confidence, it was "too Chanel",  too understated, too simple....I added things, took them off the end, I decided to call on some trusted model friends for a second and third opinion, and after seeing a couple of alternatives, there was a clear consensus - this was the one! And, I must confess, I absolutely love it!

I was delighted to get into the final of SL Top Model. I didn't expect to win - all the finalists are awesome stylists and models, and for me, it was an open field. During the final, we had live critique from Frolic Mills, and his reaction to my 2 looks was awesome! It was only then I started to feel like maybe I really could win this thing. And I did! Such an incredible feeling - I've been walking on air the past 2 days.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Frolic Mills and BoSL for creating the contest, and making it both challenging and fun. Lexa Kronfield in particular was a joy as she held our hands all the way through. The other contestants were great to work with, and produced some awesome styling throughout the contest, and it's a pity there could only be one winner, because everyone was a winner to me. And of course the judges - some of SL's best designers, who had the hard task every week of deciding who would carry on in the contest. I won't forget those anxious moments waiting on the runway each week hoping to get chosen to go through to the next round! And a big thank you to my friends and everybody who has supported me through the contest - you have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you.

Style notes:
Dress (skirts): Ladies Who Lunch - Angel Gown /Natural  (parts used and modified)
Dress: (top): Chantkare - Blissful Lace Dress /Ivory
Shrug: Ladies Who Lunch - Angel Shrug /Natural (parts used)
Leggings/boots: Maitreya - Couture Leggings /Black
Gloves: Miamai - Rilla Bombazine /Black
Head Piece: Ladies Who Lunch - Blush Veil /Natural
Choker: constructed from Ladies Who Lunch Angel Shrug Bow and Rozoregalia Bouhachi Ring
Ring (worn on right hand): Rozoregalia - Bouhachi Ring
Hair: BooN - SCO052 /Blonde and BooN - Gathered Raised Hairbase /Blonde
Eye makeup & lashes: Tableau Vivant - Light & Shadows /Kandinsky 1
Lipstick: Glance Skins - Lana - Fair /Glossy Lip 02