Open your heart, open your mind...

STAND4LOVE is a campaign in support of the right to same sex marriage across the globe. It's a campaign I wholeheartedly support, and you can read something about my reasons here. In a world where intolerance and hate blight so many lives, what we need is more love, not less. Trying to tell people who they should love is like trying to make rivers run upstream. In my lifetime homosexuality has gone from being a criminal offence to an accepted expression of human sexuality, it has to follow that men and women in same sex relationships have the same rights to legitimise their relationships as straight couples if they choose to do so. The right to a family life is a human right. Isn't it time we made that real?

You can read more about STAND4LOVE and how to join in and show your support here. 

For my STAND4LOVE picture this year, I chose to wear a dress designed by a good friend of mine, Algezares Magic. Alge has been designing clothing and makeup in SL for 5 years now, and she's recently decided to move into mesh. She's a model too, so she's aware of the importance of how clothes move as well as how they look when you stand still, and she's carefully selected templates for clothing that can be worn without alpha layers, or if it's unavoidable, with alpha layers that actually fit and don't leave you with gaping holes all over the place when you move. Bravo!

Check out Alge's Designs mesh collection at her main store here!