Playing dress up...

I've not done very much judging in contests, but I've been invited to be a guest judge at Flora's Fashion Contest on Saturday, and it sounds like a lot of fun, so I thought I'd accept the invitation.

Flora's Fashion Contest is a little bit different from the usual SL fashion contest - and it's not only for models, any female avatar can enter. It's an on-the-spot styling challenge, with 3 rounds with different themes. So it's a lot about thinking on your feet and using what you have in your inventory.

There is an attractive prize package too including 1,000 L$ cash, a scholarship at L'Amour Model Management, a photoshoot with PSP, custom poses from Wetcat and a 3,000 L$ giftcard at Lillou Designs.  Not to be sniffed at!

The next contest is on Saturday 29th June at 10am SLT - why not come and join in the fun? Here's your limo to the venue, where you will find an information box with an entry form if you think you're up for having a go! (and GOOD LUCK if you do :D )

Alternatively contact Floraniana Resident the creator of the contest, who will be happy to sign you up.

Of course, agreeing to be a guest judge gave me just the excuse I needed for a bit of shopping, and I decided to treat myself to the newly released Laguna gown from LeeZu. It's been designed to work with the new Materials viewer which is supposed to dramatically improve the way we see textures in SL. Even without that, it's gorgeous - soft body hugging leather with a cut out back, and folds and drapes placed to emphasise all your curves. I love it!

Oh, and in case you missed the news, sadly Glitterati is closing down the inworld store and having a pretty spectacular closing down sale - which ends on Sunday! Get there while you can!