Miss Virtual World 1st Challenge - Couture Bride

BOSL Fashion Week ended on Sunday with the first official presentation of the Miss Virtual World candidates. Our challenge was to create a unique mix and match bridal gown inspired by current haute couture collections. My inspiration was the runways of Chanel and Alexander McQueen -  extravagant ruffles, feathers and lace combined with the softest leather.  My vision was of the bride as a beautiful bird, a dove in a gilded cage. 

I used pieces from BeetleBones, Ladies Who Lunch, Living Imagination and La Petite Mort to create the gown, which comprises a high necked tight fitting bodice of soft white leather with lace sleeves and a lace ruff collar, and a sweeping ballgown skirt of white feathers which is shorter at the front to reveal matching leather thigh length boots. Instead of a veil, the headdress is a fine wire cage, which frames the face and gives balance to the skirts, and can easily be removed for the traditional kiss. The only jewellery is a white diamond tiara and matching earrings from Chop Zuey that add a subtle sparkle around the face.

It was incredibly exciting to be part of the first challenge. All 32 Misses looked amazing. There was some utterly fabulous styling on show, and the set and live vocal performance were both really something - it felt like the very special occasion it was. My only regret was I crashed a LOT, including twice on the runway, which meant I never got to pose, although I was reassured the judges did feel they'd seen enough to score me. I didn't make the top 12 this time, but I wish huge congratulations to those who did - there was some utterly gorgeous styling to be seen, so very well done each of you! 

Next week is the opera challenge - so keep tuned for the next instalment of this awesome adventure :)