Alien Doll (the MVW Kattaca Challenge)

It seems like ages ago now, and I realised I never posted my work for the third challenge for Miss Virtual World - the Kattaca Challenge. Kattaca is a collaboration between Spanish stylists extraordinaire Mario Ville and Carol Gamarra who work with photographer Paco Peregrin. They've been tagged as Spain's fashion production dream team. Our challenge was to produce a look and photo that could appear in a Kattaca collection.

Sometimes, there's just so much inspiration, it's really difficult to make a decision and go with it. I tried a few different looks for this challenge before I settled on this Alien Dolls inspired look. The key to this look for me was finding the shoulder pieces in my inventory, and the way the lining matches perfectly with the neck and shoulder tattoo, blurring the lines between body and clothing - once I'd settled on those parts, the rest just followed. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the styling credits.

After this challenge, we've had a couple of weeks more or less free, to prepare for the next one. We had a meeting, and were told the current top ten in the contest (I'm up there!) but also that we wouldn't be told any more results until the final, and it's a close fought thing, so it could all change by December. Five of us were selected, on the basis of the Kattaca challenge, to be the faces of MVW 2014, and appear on the cover of November's BOSL Magazine! So I will get my second BOSL cover this year! And I'm sure I'll be posting it here just as soon as it's published :)

Our next challenge is the Halloween Challenge that happens today (27th October) at 10am SLT and I can't wait to see all the misses in their spooky glory.   And next weekend, we have an Eco/Garbage Couture Challenge - so don't panic if you find me rummaging through your rubbish bin - it's all for fashion, honest! 

Style notes:
Hat: Lode - Barbel
Eyebrows: A:S:S deluxe - Dark-brow
Eyeliner: Glam Affair - Colorful Eyeliner Glitter Black
Head and shoulders tattoos: +Nuuna+ Meta Yellow 70% / Zion 2 Yellow tat.
Collar: Pure Poison - Rayssa Spiked Collar (worn upside down)
Shoulder pieces: Osakki // REALTA.Jumpsuit Vest Prims (no longer available)
Corset: Hello Spacegirl - Ilia Corset
Arm Warmers: R3volt - Minako Armwarmers
Shorts: Gawk! - Ultra High Waist Panties
Boots: Ladies Who Lunch - Escarpa Boots