Miss VW United Kingdom 2014 Interview

The Miss Virtual World candidates are featured in BOSL Magazine this month, with official interviews. We were given a set of questions, and asked to submit a photo. This was mine - but it didn't appear in the magazine, as our official portraits were used instead. I spent a bit of time working on this one, and it seems a pity not to use it, so here it is on my blog.

It's always going to be difficult to decide what and how much to write for an SL magazine interview, as editing is essential to make the text fit the available space. I tried to be succinct, but of course, I wrote more than was needed. But one of the advantages of having your own blog, is you can write what you want, so I figure I can use as much space as I want to here, and show you the full interview.

1) Your full avatar name:  Beatrice Serendipity 

2) Country you represent: The United Kingdom 

3) Why did you enter Miss Virtual World? 

Miss Virtual World is the most prestigious and high profile modeling contest in Second Life. Even before I started out as a model I knew this was an experience I wanted, and it was a dream to represent my own country, the UK, in the biggest pageant in SL. 

4) What hidden talents or secret skills do you have RL/SL?   

Apart from fashion styling and blogging In SL I have a passion for interior decorating and can while away many a happy hour tweaking my little tropical beach house! 

And something few people in SL know about me is I’m a real life drama queen! I’m a director in a community theatre group. At the moment we’re working with a local children’s dance and drama school to produce a Christmas pantomime – it’s madness, but a lot of fun too.

5) How will you help other people in SL if you win MVW? 

I hope I would give inspiration to others to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be. 

The issue that is closest to my heart is violence against women and children. I have worked for years with victims of domestic violence, and I know the devastating impact of these intimate, hidden violations. It’s an uncomfortable issue for many, and I would like to help change that. In SL we can reach people across the globe. I believe we can give voice to those who suffer in silence and contribute to real change in the world.  

And that's it! Of course I could have said much, much more - I'm sure we all could, but there's probably only so much of me you want to read in one dose!