Morta - Queen of the Dead - the MVW Halloween Challenge

Halloween is the perfect time to indulge in fantasy fashion, and the Miss Virtual World contestants most certainly did indulge last weekend with some of the most incredible costumes I've seen in SL. You can see many of them in the MVW Facebook group, which is, incidentally, probably the best place to keep up with what's happening in the contest this year.

This is Morta - Queen of the Dead, my Halloween Challenge gown. When we were given the challenge, I immediately had the vision of emerging from a mountain of skulls. But I just couldn't find anything remotely like my idea in SL. So I decided to bite the bullet and make it for myself, using full perms skulls, skeleton parts and rats found on marketplace. It was several hours work, pulling it all together, but I am so pleased with the result!

I added the wings from Skel, found on marketplace, and various accessories with a suitably deathly feel, plus some lights and fog that looked fab in the dark creepy mansion we did the Halloween show in. And I decided to treat myself to a photo by the awesome Magissa Denver to capture the look.

And...because I am the creator of the gown, I can sell it, so watch this space, because you may be seeing my very first couture creation as a designer :)

The Miss Virtual World People's Choice Award is now open for voting - it would be great if you could take a few seconds to visit the website and cast your vote for your favourite Miss!