Girls just wanna

Have you got addicted yet to the quizzes from Buzzfeed and Zimbio that are all the rage on Facebook at the moment? You know, the ones where you do a multiple choice and find out what classic diva you are, or which Beatle, Game of Thrones Character etc etc etc.... I love them! Takes me right back to being a teenager and doing quizzes in magazines with my school friends. I will even confess to cheating sometimes and retaking the quiz when I don't like the result - although it seems I can't get out of being Ringo Starr however hard I try to get John Lennon.

Anyway, it was one of those quizzes that gave me the title for my blog today. Turns out if I was an eighties pop anthem I would be Madonna's Material Girl, 'cos we are living in a material world, right? But a friend of mine got Cyndi Lauper's classic, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Click on the SOUND link above to see the original video on YouTube.

I already had this outfit styled for the weekend with some of the fabulous things I found on my Valentines shopping spree around the grid. Fashion in Second Life can be such a serious business. But girls like me do wanna have fun sometimes, and shouldn't fashion be fun too?

Happy Monday, and have a fabulous fun-filled week darlings! /me blows a kiss!

Scroll down for style notes and SURLs.

Style notes:
Hair: D!va - Love /Moon Stone @ Love is in the Air
Shades: Gizza - Floral Sunglasses /Pink
Earrings: Chic Zafari - Torta Fiore Rose Earrings @ Love is in the Air
Lippy: blackLiquid - Barbie Matte **
Blouse: Coco Designs - Sleeveless Blouse /Rose
Gloves: Leverocci Belgravia - Jessamine /Pink Leather
Trousers: Redgrave - Pink Jeans LQM /Shiny @ Love is in the Air
Shoes: Chic Zafari - Satin Ultra Stilletos bow /HotPink (for Slink High Feet) 
Ring: Auxiliary - Melt My Heart /Red
Phone: Plethora - Smartphone /Red (gacha prize)
Bag: Swallow - Single Ladies Clutch /Red @ TDR Fusion