Amethyst Goddess

You may have noticed I've been playing with a new technique in some of my photos recently. Well, I say new, I really mean new to me, because this has actually been around for (I think) as long as shadows have. I've learnt how to make and use projectors, which act a lot more like studio lighting to give you a huge amount of control of the lighting and shadows on your photos.

Windlight settings are wonderful, and I wouldn't be without them, especially for outdoor shots, but they provide a blanket of light - with projectors, it's possible to create a spotlight and make some amazing shadows. So, I looked at Casja Lillihook's Blog Tutorial about lighting, shadows and projectors , and Strawberry Singh's post about playing with projectors, bit the bullet and made my own projector. And I'm having hours of fun playing with my new toy!

It's always nice to add another tool to the tool box, and isn't it great that we have awesome bloggers like Strawberry and Casja who are willing to share their phenomenal knowledge with us?

As always, scroll down for style notes and SURLs, and have a wonderful weekend! 
/me blows kisses

Style notes:
blackLiquid Lingerie - Amethyst Goddess of Nature (wings included)**
Violator - Masqua - Limited Edition for The Couturiers Docks (worn upside down)**
Loveli Mi - Remember Black Makeup for The Couturiers Docks
Azoury - Chromatics Ballet Heel Shoe /Blue (there's a two for one offer on 2 new colours of these at Azoury, only until 2nd March) 
Leverocci Belgravia - Jessamine Gloves Snow Leather (recoloured)
Dead Apples - Matte Rouge Lips /Black

**review copies