Under A Silken Moon

Malicia Python - the evil genius behind Silken Moon, named this outfit Chronophilia. I had no idea what that meant, so I looked it up. Wikipedia tells me that it refers to a form of paraphilia in which an individual experiences sexual attraction limited to individuals of particular age ranges.  Since I've started designing, I know how difficult it can be to come up with original names for creations,  I even struggle with names for blog posts (and I must confess I've often thought the bloggers who just number their posts are onto something!) and I have no idea why Mal gave this outfit that name! So now I'm waiting for her to log on to tell me!

Whatever the significance of the name (if there is any),  this is a great outfit for the cyber/avant garde/fantasy fashionista - a rigged mesh dress and leggings, and unrigged mesh head and shoulder pieces and tentacles that are editable - I made the head piece much bigger than it came in the package, because I like how it frames the face this way, but it looks good smaller too. The outfit also comes with a face mask tattoo layer (not shown), and Slink hands appliers so you can keep your Slink hands on when you wear it :).  It's a great complete outfit, and I imagine the different pieces would be great for styling mix and match outfits too. Even better news - there's a male version of the outfit available too!

Scroll down for styling credits and SLURLs, and have a wonderful weekend!

/me blows kisses

Style Notes
Outfit: Silken Moon - Chronophilia **
Makeup: Glam Affair - Shironuri Mask 02
Lashes: Glam Affair - Shironuri Lashes /White
Teeth: Dead Apples - Matte Rouge Lipstick and Prim Teeth

Location: Metamorphosis
**review copy


  1. I love seeing how something I've styled looks on someone else, especially when I really enjoy the other stylist's general point of view, like I do you Bea! This is gorgeous. And I didn't know the word, and bad girl that I was, I didn't look it up either so now I know, and I too am curious where Mal got the name! hehehe Blessings and joy! <3

  2. Thank you Caryn :) I love to see how other stylists work too - just checked your post and I love your use of red detailing with all the white! it turns out Ml made the word up! She didn't look up the meaning either! her idea was to do with the shape being like an hourglass - so chronos - time! Nothing to do with sex at all!


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