The dress

As an iMac user, I struggle to use the latest Second Life viewers. There's an issue of incompatibility with the Mavericks Operating System that means I get "massive camera lag" - basically my cam can spin uncontrollably, making it impossible to move, and very, very difficult to take photos. In low to medium graphics settings it's not too bad, but in ultra, which I use for photos, it can be pretty challenging. 

So although I do have the latest Firestorm and Second Life viewers installed,  I very rarely use them. As a consequence, I can't see Fitted Mesh, or materials in my everyday viewer. I have actually worn fitted mesh for a fashion show, which was interesting! I styled "blind" took a gamble on a few poses I thought would work, then braved V3 to check my styling and poses, and make a few adjustments. Then I walked the runway unable to see my own outfit! 

But sometimes, something comes along that makes it worth biting the bullet and dealing with the challenges - and this is the dress that did it for me! From VRSION Lode, it's called Konvert and comes only in black. It's an elegant, classy, beautifully executed statement piece that hits all the right buttons. It comes in fitted mesh only, but for something this well made, it's forgivable. Well worth facing the camera spin for!

Style notes:
Dress: VRSION Lode - Konvert
Hair: Vanity Hair - Reaching Edges *new* **
Earrings: Zibska - Jolene (Hair Fair 2014 gift)
Bangle: LaGyo - Savanna Bangle
Eye makeup: La Malvada Mujer - My Pink No.1 from The Cosmetics Fair
Lips and cheeks: Dead Apples