Kiss the Rain

Kiss the rain 
Whenever you need me 
Kiss the rain 
Whenever I'm gone too long 
If your lips feel lonely and thirsty 
Kiss the rain 
And wait for the dawn 
Keep in mind 
We're under the same sky 
And the night's 
As empty for me as for you 
If you feel 
You can't wait till morning 
Kiss the rain 
Kiss the rain 
Kiss the rain
                                                   Billie Myers

It's not often I blog skins. I generally stick to the same brand (Glam Affair) and change up my look with makeup. I also have a beautiful black skin from Elysium that I love to wear sometimes, for both runway, print and blogging work. So today's post is a bit of departure for me, because it features a new skin from October's 4Seasons, just released for The Couturiers Dock.

When I try a new skin, I am always impressed if it "fits" straight out of the box, and looks good without me needing to tweak my shape at all. And this one does!  The Limited Edition Angelina Milk  comes with several eyebrow and makeup options - I chose to go for the "no brow no makeup" version, and used the Open Tooth Tattoo layer option which has a very pretty slightly open mouth effect. I added some eyeliner and no-alpha lashes, but have no other makeup on. I love the soft freckles and definition on this skin - and it's certainly one I would wear again. It's available exclusively as a limited edition at The Couturiers Dock right now, and when I went to check there were only 43 copies left - so don't miss your chance to grab it!

Also at The Couturiers Dock this month is this beautiful Gown from Bodza Blackadder of Whimsical Imaginarium. The White Swan has a stunning rigged mesh victorian style corset with pretty rose details on the bust and hip, and a full flex skirt of white feathers. It's lovely work, and would make a great wedding gown.

The Couturiers Dock is a monthly event where a select group of SL fashion designers release high quality items in limited editions. Well worth checking out every month!

Scroll down for style notes and SLURLs.

Style notes:
Skin: Octobers 4Seasons - Angelina Milk @ The Couturiers Docks**
Gown: Whimsical Imaginarium - White Swan @ The Couturiers Docks**
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Momo /Ethereal
Head piece: Tableau Vivant - Snow Queen Flowers /White
Eyeliner: Deetalez - Eyeliner A /Black @ Costmetics Fair
Nails: blackLiquid Nails /Pearl HUD (for Slink nails)**

**review copies