Summer chic

Just a quick post - a chic summer look with some of the best, most oooh-worthy, impossible heels I've found so far in Secondlife.

As an aside, you may notice I have *shadows* in these pictures - and not ones I added in photoshop (these look far more realistic). As an iMac user I've been desperately hoping a viewer would be released that would enable me to render shadows - and now one has! It's the Secondlife Developer viewer - still not a main release, and a little clunky, but I am able to render shadows that look pretty good. There's still a way to go, because although I get shadows, transparent prims don't seem to appear - as you can see in the smaller pic - these sunglasses had pretty dark lenses in my usual Phoenix Viewer, but hey, it's progress!

Style card:
Shoes: Genova - White - Sim-I-Lar Footwear
Shorts:  Highwaisted shorts - Denim - The Secret Store
Blouse: Sleeveless Blouse & Cuff - White -  Coco
Shades: Cateye - Gos Custom Eyewear
Hair: Bombshell - Bombshell - Shag Hair
Nails: Long Nails - Elegant (colour change) - Mstyle
Tattoos: Maggie Tattoo - Artilleri