Creature of the night

This is the Queen of the Dead - look upon her and tremble! She is crowned with the skulls of her most prized victims, her eyes glow red with blood lust.. her skin is the palest pale, and fresh blood drips from her shiny red lips. Her face is framed with red love hearts - representing the many hearts she has conquered and owned...on her thigh a dagger in the shape of a scorpion glints, her familiar, a vampire bat, flies above her shoulder, her long red nails carry tiny spikes ready to rip open the tender flesh of those who succumb to her...she is swathed in black chiffon and lace, and wears impossibly high heels at which many a willing victim has worshipped...terrible and beautiful, she will lure you, seduce you, and steal your soul...

What I'm wearing

Vampire Queen Crown - Vita's Boudoir
Sadness veil from baronesse Castelli hat - Vita's Boudoir
The  black lace body is the base of a dress called Elegance in Lace from Earth & Sky fashion
Cape and veils part of Rising from the Myst outfit from Ho Wear (recoloured)
Black lace gloves - LaceUnderthings- with emellishment taken from Rozoregalia Bouhachi gloves

Hair Exa in Platinum PurpleMoon
Skin - LAQ ~ Elena 08 [Pale] Glow skin
Gems & Kisses - A Love is born - necklace and earrings
Gems & Kisses - Vendetta nails

Vampire Bite Marks and fangs Thirst::Bloodlines
Black Bat - Epiphanies - found on marketplace
Dague Scorpion - Angle d'Enfer (marketplace find)
Demon glow eyes - Covey Retail