The witching hour...

We're heading for hallowe'en and all the stores have costumes out for all those parties and spooky themed events.  Delia Auer is no exception, with a little collection of seasonally themed items and gowns at her Nizhi healing centre and store. And for halloween, Delia is giving a free witchy cauldron with particle emitters with each of these gowns! So, if you want a little glam with your horror, take a look at Nizhi.

First up is Ragnina (above), a gossamer gown that looks like it's spun from spiders webs. it comes with 2 cape options - a shoulder capelet, and a full length transparent cloak, shown here.

Next we have Iris in blue - a net gown with magical symbols woven into it. This comes with long and mid length skirt options, and a frill prim part for the top so it can be worn separately.

Finally, Iris Black Halloween Gown in Spider Net - a darker take on the Iris gown, again woven with symbols, that works brilliantly with the spider web Arachne hair from Tuknowaguma and Spider jewellery from Gems & Kisses for that deadly Black Widow style! A lovely little detail to finish the look is the spider face tattoo makeup from Alge's Designs .