Festival of sin (part one)

The Festival of Sin has opened bringing us some fab shopping indulgences with a tempting array of fashion, beauty, home interiors, animations and poses with specials from designers, each inspired by one of the seven deadly sins. The adult rated sim is wonderfully detailed with zones also following the themes, making for an amusing shopping experience.

First up on my festival finds is this stunning avant garde creation from Miamai, called Lyssa, it combines a ripped fishnet bodice and tights with an elaborate skirt and collar of flowers, feathers, net, tulle and flexible silver spikes. I'm also wearing one of Amacci's festival offerings - the Pythia hair attachment, which comes in some awesome crazy colours like this Cherry, as well as an extensive range of natural shades.

Here's your limo to the Festival of Sin.

One important thing to be aware of when visiting the festival, is that in order to reduce lag, which we all know is the curse of popular events like this is sure to be, there is a limit on the number of scripts any avatar can be wearing to get into the sim. Anyone with over 50 scripts will not be able to get in.  With resizing and retexturing scripts in so much of what we wear these days (hair, shoes and jewellery being the main offenders) it's very easy to pile up the scripts, all of which place demands on server time and cause a lot of lag, not only for the wearer but everyone else as well. The best way to deal with this is to make copies of your items and then delete the scripts once you have resized and chosen the texture you want. A lot of items include the option to delete scripts in their resize/retexture menus. If you want to check your scripts yourself, there are script counters available to do this. One I found on SL Marketplace is the Coagulate Script Counter - it's free and very easy to use.