No, I'm not taking this blog in a new adult direction, nor am I paying homage to Madonna's album of the same name, though thoughts might turn to both when you try on the latest gown from Mohna Lisa Couture.

This gown is pure sex. Erotica is a shimmering sheath of fine transparent net that clings to every curve and glistens with hundreds of tiny sparkles when you move. Mohna Lisa's trademark sparkles are difficult to capture in a photo - this really needs to be seen inworld to get the full effect. In rigged mesh, with a demo available, the gown comes with a colour changing hud to match it to your skin tone, so you really do get that 'I'm almost naked' see-through effect. Wear if you dare on that hot date!

Style notes:
Gown and gloves: Mohna Lisa Couture - Erotica (mesh)
Hair: Osmose - Elegance /platinum
Earrings: Gems & Kisses - Miracle of Light /platinum (not for sale)
Location: Neva River sim