Lady Stardust

Mz Black has struck a perfect chord with one of her Vintage Fair releases this year - it's the 40th anniversary of David Bowie's iconic album Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - an album that literally changed popular music history. It changed fashion history too - Bowie's startling androgeous look with his ultra pale skin, extraordinary makeup and shock of orange spiky hair inspired generations,   and led the way for punk and new romantic style. 

I've be planning to do a post about the blackLiquid Ziggy makeup since before the start of the Vintage fair, when blackLiquid did me the honour of asking me to model for the vendor for it! How did she know I was a big Bowie fan??? I swear, that woman must be psychic! And then, earlier this week, she showed me some more new releases, her very first skin - Yoko, and some great shoes, Ultraplatforms, that come in a massive range of colours. So it got me thinking, why not put them all together and have a bit of a blackLiquid fest!

Style notes:
skin: blackLiquid - Yoko Skin /Cream
makeup: blackLiquid - Ziggy - for the Vintage Fair
shoes: blackLiquid - Ultraplatforms /Tangerine Tango
bangles: blackLiquid - Orbital /Tangerine
nails: blackLiquid - Orbaital /Tangerine

hair: Wasabi Pills - Skye /Powder
dress: Ison - Bodycon Shoulder Dress /gold (recoloured by me)
earrings: Rozoregalia - Narusaza
eyeliner: Izzie's
lashes: Lelutka


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