Black & White

SL Blogger Maci Restless has set a Black & White bloggers challenge, that you can read all about here.   When I read about it and saw the pictures in the Flickr group, I was inspired to have a go.

I'd spotted this black Gaultier inspired corset by Chrysalis a few days back, and I'd set my heart on having it, so this seemed the perfect reason to get it (like I need a reason?). I used almost grey skin, white hair, and black shoes and talons, so my raw shot was almost black and white, with just a hint of colour in the skin. I did do a little work in photoshop, cropping and adding the sepia tone, but most of the effect was achieved inworld by playing with windlight settings. The set I'm using is a free one from William Weaver, available on SL Marketplace, and the dramatic pose is from Del May, posemaker extraordinaire!

Style notes:
 Corset: Chrysalis - Couture Corset Gaultier Inspiration
Shoes: SimiLar - Savona Mesh Shoes /Black Patent
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Dean Mesh Hair /Powder
Nails: La Malvada Mujer- Essence TNT claws
Lashes: blackLiquid Makeup - Lashy


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