.SHI has an exclusive new release at the Cinema event. The Chiffon Short Suit comes with an optional leather trim skirt and in sheer and opaque versions. There's a veil too, also in both sheer and opaque. This is minimal chic at its best, and like all of Joy Laperriere's designs, a true original. I accessoried with a selection of pieces from Rozoregalia - the ornate detailing contrasting nicely with the sheer simplicity of the .SHI suit.

If you haven't been to Cinema yet, get there now! The build is awesome, and there are some utterly fabulous exclusives on offer there from a huge array of designers - this is one not to miss!

Style notes:
.Shi : Chiffon Short Suit (Sheer) [MESH] - Cinema exclusive release
.Shi : Chiffon Hood  / Sheer - Cinema exclusive release
Izzie's - Garter Socks black