Three years of blogging and going strong!

I had an OMG moment this morning when I realised that yesterday was the third anniversary of starting my blog! 398 posts and 205,256 views later, I am just amazed at how time flies.

I started Simply Bea because I wanted a way to record and share the styling I did - I'd been posting photos on Flickr for a while, and people were often contacting me to ask where they could find the items I was wearing. I had also decided to step into the world of Second Life fashion modelling and I could see that having a blog was a great way to promote and showcase myself as a model. A few hours spent messing around with Blogger, and Simply Bea was born! 

What I hadn't realised then, was how this little blog could become a platform to share not only the clothes I liked to wear, but also to promote the causes that are important to me, and to share some of my reflections on issues that crop up from time to time in our community. It's enabled me to develop relationships with lots of designers too, it's been a springboard for all sorts of other work as a model, and I've become friends with many lovely people who met me first through this medium as well. It was SO worth the few hours it took to start.

I've seen a few posts from bloggers on Facebook recently, worrying that they're not getting enough views, and feeling disheartened. I can understand that. It does take a bit of work to style, shoot, edit and write blog posts, and we all want to be seen and appreciated for our efforts. When I started, I had a mere trickle of hits every day - but then looking at the stats and seeing visitors were coming from all over the world was really exciting. And it gave me determination to carry on. Three years down the line, I still check my stats, of course, but I'm less obsessed with the numbers now. I still blog mainly because I love to style and take photos, and knowing there are people out there who look at my work is the icing on the cake. 

So, here's a heartfelt thank you for stopping by today and sharing my belated blog birthday with me! I do hope you like what you see, and will come back soon!

/me blows kisses!

Scroll down for style notes and SURLs.

Style notes:
Jumpsuit: Loovus Dzevavor Lupita Nyong'o Collection Chic Jumper /Cayenne/Celosia**
Hair: Moon Paper Cuts /Summer Blonde
Glasses: Epoque Scalloped Frames /Coral
Shoes: Hucci Talasea Sandal
Bag: Boom Squeaches Bag /Blush
Necklace: Pure Poison Candy Muffin necklace **
Cuffs: Ladies Who Lunch Pricilla Cuffs
Skin: Glam Affair Aria Asia Combination 12

**review copies