Let Me Be Your Fantasy

I dropped by The Fantasy Gacha the other day and found myself spending oodles of Lindens on all sorts of pretty things, and cursing myself for keeping on playing for one particular "ultra rare" item that is obviously far to rare for my pockets! I thought I'd use a couple of my finds with this striking gown from Living Imagination for the Couturiers Docks for a sort of medieval fantasy maiden look. I hope you like it :)

Scroll down for style notes.

/me blows kisses

Style notes:
Gown: Living Imagination Silent Flowers for The Couturiers Docks **
Headpiece: CerberusXing Cascading Peony (Silver) RARE for The Fantasy Gacha Fair
Hair:Little Bones MoonChild Roots for The Fantasy Gacha Fair
Lips: Fishy Strawberry Kokeshi Lipstick with Teeth /Rose

**review copy